World Teachers’ Day – a time to say thank you

The theme for this year’s World Teachers’ day, ‘Invest in the future, invest in teachers’, aptly recognises the important role teachers, lecturers and other educational professionals play in society, our joint futures and the wider world in which we live.

Teachers have the enormous responsibility of educating a future generation who will go on to hold roles in all corners of Scottish society. And teachers are responsible for educating global citizens, who will play an active and important part in a globalised multicultural society. The critical role of teachers to prepare young people for this challenge in a rapidly changing world cannot be underestimated. It is a demanding and complex job; something that is not always fully appreciated.

Today is about recognising this and thanking teachers all over the world for the work they do in educating and improving the life chances of our children and young people.

World Teachers’ Day is also a time to look beyond education in Scotland and think about what life is like for teachers in other parts of the world. Think of what we have that others do not; for example, what we may consider to be basic necessities – electricity, resources, classroom facilities. But also think about what we can learn from our colleagues in other countries.

We recognise that teachers and young people face ever-changing demands on them, and we applaud teachers for rising to these challenges and delivering high-quality outcomes for their learners. We also recognise that some teachers still have concerns about the recently launched Professional Update process. We want to reassure teachers that Professional Update is about supporting them in their Professional Learning – it is an investment in our teachers, in order that they can deliver well for our current and future learners.

On behalf of everyone at GTCS, I send thanks to teachers around the world for their invaluable work and express our commitment to continuing to support and invest in the teaching profession in Scotland.