Scotland to host International Teaching Summit

Scotland has been chosen to host an International Summit on the Teaching Profession, an event that brings together education ministers, teacher trade unions and education leaders from across the world to share global best practice in education.

The news was announced at the close of this year’s summit in New Zealand, held on 28 and 29 March. Canada, Germany and Hong Kong have also been selected to host the event, with the summit in Scotland provisionally scheduled for 2018.

A Scottish delegation attended this year’s summit in Wellington, led by Cabinet Secretary for Education and Lifelong Learning Michael Russell. The delegation included Ken Muir, Chief Executive of the General Teaching Council for Scotland, and Larry Flanagan, General Secretary of the Educational Institute of Scotland (EIS).

Mr Russell, who made a joint presentation with Mr Flanagan to the summit, said:

“The past two days in Wellington have brought together Education Ministers, teacher trade unions and education representatives, from across the globe, and facilitated discussions on how best, our teacher workforces can be supported in delivering education for children and young people.

“The collaborative approach we take in Scotland in delivering education has attracted great interest and enabled a number of productive bi-laterals with Education Ministers from around the world.

“The considerable interest in what we do made our invitation to come to Scotland all the more powerful and I am delighted that the OECD has accepted our bid.”

Larry Flanagan, General Secretary of the EIS, said:

“The key feature of these particular summits is that they focus on joint trade unions and government discussions. This allows teacher trade unions to present a united front to represent their members, on the issues that face them in the classroom every day. Given the emphasis on OECD PISA this is a significant debate that teacher trade unions must be involved in, at this international level.”