Resources to support active global citizenship

Scotdec Global Learning Centre works with schools and educators to promote active and participatory global citizenship education.

Scotdec has created a number of practical, classroom resources which support active Global Citizenship in many curriculum areas.

Global Youth Work

A Global Citizenship resource for youth work and activities suitable for school use. Using six everyday commodities as a starting point to explore global interdependencies: water, tobacco, chocolate, textiles, mobile phones and sustainable food.

Our Forest, Our Future

An online resource to help teachers and pupils explore the interdependence of people and forests and the vital role forests play in sustaining our environment.

Failte Malawi

A Global Citizenship resource for primary schools. The activities in this resource pack encourage pupils to explore the links and commonalities that are shared between Scotland and Malawi.

A’ Adam’s Bairns?

Exploring equality and diversity in Scotland past and present. This online resource explores slavery and the slave trade in the context of Scotland’s history and the issues which challenge us in Scotland today.