Pupils shine a light on global education

Unique solar light carol concert staged as part of Scotland Lights up Malawi education programme

Carol singing by solar light took place at St Mark’s Primary School, East Renfrewshire, as part of the Scotland Lights up Malawi project. The innovative approach to the traditional Christmas concert was part of the Barrhead primary school’s participation in Keep Scotland Beautiful and Eco-Schools Scotland’s education programme for the project.

The Keep Scotland Beautiful-led programme uses the story of SolarAid’s work in Malawi to highlight important issues around energy, poverty, climate change, solar light, global citizenship and sustainability.

Through the project, Keep Scotland Beautiful is working with schools from across Scotland to encourage children and young people to increase their understanding of these issues and to develop their communication and citizenship skills.

Education staff from Keep Scotland Beautiful are working with Solar Aid to produce exciting classroom resources and materials closely linked to Curriculum for Excellence, providing a professional learning programme for teachers involved and, in the summer term, running a Dragon’s Den style competition for P6-S2 children where they create a campaign to raise awareness of climate change, lighting issues in Malawi and how solar lights can make

Why You Need To Take Your Child to Primary Science Workshop


Young kids are inquisitive by nature, they are ready to try out new things and most of the time, what they may be doing may look subtle but it has an overall effect on their thinking and creativity.  Although parents may find it difficult to get the right equipment and tools to do the experiments, getting them learn on the best way to do the experiments is a straight way forward in their learning.

Why take your child out

Compared to other outdoor activities, primary science workshops are crucial as it helps to open up the minds of the kids, they serve to enhance their creativity, risk handling and even risk exposure. For instance, when certain results are desired, the kid may be forced to think hard and come up with a way in which they will achieve the results. More to this, the kid is exposed to the realities of science, for instance, some simple experiments like raising hair electrons may trigger the future career desires of the child.

Another great reasons to